Part of why I don't use Facebook much, or blog more...

I found this slideshow here, in an article about Google not releasing a Facebook replacement, and I think it rings particularly true.  If this mythological Google social network could address the "circles" that the somewhat long slideshow goes into clever detail about, I might even consider using it...


Sparks :)

My son, pictured here working on his new laptop before christmas, told me that he'd been wanting a hug all day.  Needless to say, I was glad to oblige :)

Back to blogging?

I had a dream this morning that I woke up a little, looked out the window and saw that it was "just" raining, and decided I could get a little more sleep...  so when I woke up at my "everything is okay and I can sleep more" alarm time, and looked out the window, the foot of snow was something of a surprise.

This, for whatever reason, reminded me that I haven't been blogging recently, even though I have had quite a few things that I could say.  So I thought I'd get a quick start while I wait for a ride on this annoyingly snowy morning.