First Weird Dream of the New Year

I was living in an apartment building, but it was set up more like a hotel.  I was out to dinner, but we couldn't pick a theme restaurant, so we were driving around with the radio on. The news broke in...  some tyrant had just managed to take over the world, largely due to concessions granted their company by the major nations of the world.

They were going to thin out the unwanted, those who had no place in the new world they were fashioning.  The power was shut off, people were relying on fires, talking about leaving to go to Japan where it was imagined to be different.  Kevin seemed to be close to this tyrant, or at least nearby to this tyrant, and various other people appeared briefly... Phil was a zeppelin pilot, mostly covered in soot and speaking with a sort of cockney accent, Thane popped his head out of a ventilation thing on the side of a building, said "damn, still not the right one," and popped back down.  Sherri called me on the phone, and we made plans to meet the next day...

  All work came to a complete stop, and people were forced to compete in various challenges.  Somehow, everyone in my building, and maybe even in my city, were in some kind of scavenger hunt, following clues from one landmark to the next, marking them off on a large thin paper.

The city I was in had elements of most of the places i've lived, and I set out on my bike, following some other guy on a bike.  We decided to detour off the streets, take a shortcut through some trees and down a hill, which was sort of like the area in/near the park by where I grew up, only with these huge trees, and I got separated from the other guy when he made the squeeze between trees and I accidentally rode up a half fallen tree and then jumped from it back to the sidewalk.

On the sidewalk, I found something, and said to myself something like, "when you're on a secret mission, always look for rough envelopes."  It had a completed star chart in it, and a riddle to solve, and I assumed it to be a secret way to win that challenge and headed back to the building.  I didn't want to go into my apartment, so I went to a sort of common balcony area, and after listening to the other people there argue for a bit, pulled out the paper I found as well as my own paper, and discovered that I had no idea what either of them meant.

I was frantically trying to decipher the clue, which was something about picturing a star in a zodiac constellation, called Susan, and how different it was from my own star and constellation.  I still have no idea what that means, because that was when I finally managed to struggle to consciousness, and after taking care of the morning necessities, I started to write this all out.  I haven't had a sober dream like that in years...

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  1. I eventually did find the right one. For reference, Billie Piper has weird dreams too. Not what I had hoped.