Daily link catchup 2010-12-08

A roundup of links from my journeys around the web.

  • Are you happy?  This is pretty good, but Th4n3 pointed out that there needs to be a line back from "Change Something" to "Are You Happy?"
  • Elvis meets Vader  Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words… 
  • NASA’s 3D Tour of All Known Galaxies  Beautiful but weird video of hubble and other astronomy pictures plotted in a sort of 3d sphere around earth…
  • I Laugh At Your Snow Tires  Just yesterday I was joking with a co-worker about putting a ski on the front of my bike, and a studded snow tire on the back… this looks fun though :)
  • What You Ought to Know: Metric vs Imperial  Yes, I get his point.  No, I don't want to give up the awesome character of the imperial system.
  • What to Do in a Bicycle Collision  Some general information about what to do in an accident, and in specific when you're hit by a car on your bike… not really bike specific, but interesting anyway
  • Geek Toys : Electronic Butterfly in a Jar  This is really creepy.  Not real, but still looks real.  And looks like a butterfly trapped in a jar.
  • Angry Birds Strategy  I've played this game now, and had similar thoughts…
  • Electronic Pickpocket Okay, so RFID is the boogeyman, and carrying RFID tags in your pocket, whether it be in credit cards, access badges, or whatever, allows anyone who gets a novel sized bundle of electronics within a couple of inches of your wallet get your personal information from those RFIDs. If you have such cards that you need to protect, don't take them anyplace that someone could do that without you noticing.  And if you have to, get a wallet with a Faraday cage around it to block the RFID.
  • Use the AROUND Operator in Google Searches for More Specific Results  This is an operator I didn't know about, but will make extensive use of in the future.  I can just feel it.
  • How to build a home for less than $3500  I don't think I would enjoy living full time in such a small space, but it would be a kind of cool vacation cottage someplace with nice weather and a big outdoor deck…

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  1. Re: RFID article

    You're right, there are simple things one can do. But most non-geeks aren't going to know that without this sort of publicity.