Daily link catchup 2010-12-09

I found some great stuff today!

  • DC DOT bike safety PSAs  Some pretty decent videos explaining common bicycle traffic incident names
  • WWF Document Format Doesn't Give You a Choice but to Save Paper  I'm not sure how I feel about this.  On the one hand, it's another damned file format to support, but on the other hand I'm really sort of annoyed with all of the pointless printing that goes on.  Paper is all over the place and I'm sick of it.  Also, I think it might be a really funny thing to try championing this file format to the people in charge of becoming more green at my work… that could be hilarious…
  • SMBC for December 09, 2010  I always thought I was a science advocate, but here I see that I'm actually a scientist. :)
  • Time bomb I'm not sure how many people would fall for mentos frozen into ice cubes, but I think that I should find out in the interest of science.
  • Reading them the Riot Act  I think that my son would give me more of those "you're a dork" looks if I started actually reading him the Riot Act.  And it's cool to learn where that phrase came from. :)
  • The 50 Best Registry Hacks that Make Windows Better - How-To Geek  Okay, so only about 4 of these seemed all that interesting to me, and only one of those seemed worth turning on, though I can't even remember which one it was….
  • Still life. Totally brilliant.  Some cool sculpture/still life photos.  Love the candle :)
  • bend desk  Okay, so I want something like this.  And I've wanted it for a long long time.  But I want mine to be pressure sensitive, even to my finger touch, and work w/ a stylus for even more pressure sensitivity (think about how pencil lines look different depending on how hard you press), and I want it to be at least 120dpi.  Not that I can even imagine what hardware would be necessary to realize my dream on that one…  But this prototype is a step in the right direction :)
  • Google Maps for Android Now Faster, Smoother, in 3D and Works Offline  I can't wait to see this one.  Working offline would be cool, especially to speed up starting the app, and the buildings are always cool.
  • Manifold clock  I'm no slave to the clock, and I don't actually like having one in a predictable place that I can see just by looking in that direction, but if I had a lobby to decorate, I'd love to put something like this there.
  • Off-Grid Party Sound Systems  Over the summer I started participating in Critical Mass, and for the Halloween ride I wanted a sound system.  I managed to hook up some computer speakers to my phone and get playback that didn't totally suck, but this would have kicked ass :)  Though for what it looks like this guy's project cost, I'd hope it got a great deal of awesome…
  • Historical Thursday: Release The Bunnies!  A sort of entertaining look in the sort of ecological disaster that can happen when you allow people to bring their pets when they move to a new continent.
  • Geminids Meteor Shower and Lunar Eclipse 2010  So the kid will be at his Mom's house, but he might actually be awake for school already… and I think I can maybe drag my butt in to work early to see about watching these from a spectacular vantage point…
  • Teleportation discovered!?  Apparently it's a) really easy to create fake newspaper clippings, b) annoying when I complain about there not being any way to teleport home, and c) funny to substitute "hardon" for "hadron" 
  • Fox News Reposts Obama article from Onion without mentioning that it's a joke.  Oh no!  Fox News doing something stupid and inflammatory?  What is the world coming to? :)
  • Mr. Freehand’s homebuilt carbon bikes  Just found this site today, and wow are these cool.  The guy made these bike frames with no power tools and they are unbelievably cool looking.  There's a link to some great pics both of the finished bikes and the process.
  • Urban concept bikes, a watch, and an e-velomobile  I linked this one because I want to think more about the "push rod drive train."  At first glance it looks like it's just like the old locomotives were (at least in cartoons) and I bet that's a whole lot less messy than a chain…   Unfortunately the author's site appears to be designe for people with even more bandwidth than I seem to be able to muster at home.  I have to remember to talk to my bike peeps about this one.
  • You can swim as fast in snot as in water. If you want to.   I shared this one because I remember the Mythbusters testing it too :)
  • Space X launches commercial space flight  Cool!!!!
  • Repeat After Me: Winter Commuters Aren’t Heroes  A lot of people give me strange looks or even stranger comments when they hear that I'm planning to keep riding my bike to work all winter.  And since I've made it through a serious winter storm already, I don't see why I'd stop now.  It's not that cold for a short ride, and it's a whole lot more fun to ride my bike than to drive my car, though I guess I am a little worried about damaging my bike in the snow and hope that I don't have to replace the whole drivetrain when the nice weather comes back.  A lot of people were envious of me in the storm even, as I rode my bike right past their parked car on my 30 minute ride home, and they had me to think about for another hour or two as they were stuck in unmoving gridlock.  Ride your bike folks, it's not that hard :)
Pro tip -- you can hold CTRL when you click on any link to open it in a new tab BEHIND the current one.  Great for stacking up a lot of things so that they can load in the background.

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