Daily link catchup 2010-12-10

I thought I'd experiment a little bit with this "link catchup" idea, and maybe elaborate a little bit on the posts that I was most interested in.  Do a bit of research and see more about it or maybe just explain why it caught my attention.

TUAW's Daily App: inClass

I really wish there had been something very similar to this for my laptop when I was actively taking classes.  A way to type notes, record audio (maybe video too), attach photos, all the sort of cool stuff that I wanted to get out of the lectures but never bothered, instead typing in a basic text editor (or a wiki, the one time…).  That said, this app falls way short of the experience I'd hope for.  It's complicated to get your classes set up, annoying to take notes by typing on the ipad, and ridiculous to post your notes to Facebook.

Come to think of it, though, I also wish I'd had the courage or audacity to whip out my camera and take a snapshot or ten of the blackboard when it had really good stuff up there, or of things being projected on the overhead (not powerpoint.  think transparencies…)

I'd never even heard of the original device, but it's impressive as hell.  The idea of performing calculations mechanically by the turning of the gears, just amazing. :)

As it turns out, they're not actually positive what the original machine did because they only recovered bits and pieces from the shipwreck of the Antikythera, but all in all it's a pretty neat marvel of ancient technology.

Snow Prank...

I'm sorry, but this video is hilarious and I want to rush out and do this to the courtyard outside the building at work the next time it snows. :D

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