Things I've learned in the last 24 hours 2010-12-08

What did Tom learn today?
  • I didn't learn, so much as confirm what I suspected that most people will ignore a request for feedback
  • I learned that you can't say "I restarted my blog" and then not share the URL with anyone.
  • I learned that I can crop the frame of a clip in iMovie, but only to the aspect ratio of the expected output.
  • I learned that I've read more of the books on the silly british top 100 book lists than Phil has.
  • I learned how to use the "purge" command in OS X to free up memory... i assume it would also work in linux....
  • I learned that I can make a new task item out of an email from the "More Actions" button in GMail, but I haven't learned to use this regularly
  • I learned that doubling up on undergarments is at least as effective as doubling up on pants, from a "staying warm" point of view.

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