Things I've learned in the last 24 hours 2010-12-09

A few of the things Tom learned today:

  • cvt will give you the custom modeline for setting up output.  For example, "cvt 1920 1080" will give you the proper numbers to set up the display on the new HD panel for displaying public information.  Guessing at the proper modeline numbers will give you something that causes the screen to flash like crazy.
  • I confirmed what I suspected, that 65" LCD panels are really really heavy.
  • I learned that sometimes people who make fun of you for being prepared will ask to borrow the very thing they teased you about.
  • I learned that a 60" screen is too big for the lobby outside the library
  • I learned that remotes really don't ever stay where you put them.
  • Most importantly, I learned that you shouldn't eat a whole box of rotini fast, even if you're hungry.

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