Things I've learned in the last 24 hours 2010-12-15

What has Tom learned?
  • I was reminded that I would probably not have a job if everyone just ran windows updates regularly, and kept their software from Adobe up to date.  Fortunately I was reminded by circumstances and not a particularly cruel end user :)
  • I learned that some people would prefer to work harder at something that's broken than let me take some time to try fixing it.
  • I learned that I can use Dropbox to keep my chat logs in sync between my laptop and my desktop, and that in doing so be able to figure out what someone said to me about something and at what time. 
  • I learned that I'm going to need some sort of 3:30 alarm if I'm going to hit 4pm for publishing on this daily deal.
  • I learned that the Kensington Multi-Display adapter is cool, but has it's limitations.  Like video is really choppy... and it can't do 1200x1600 on the rotated 20" screen.  But I can run full screen remote desktop to the win7 machine on my desk and still also use that screen to park things as I'm working.

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