Things I've learned over the weekend 2010-12-14

What did Tom learn since he last posted?

  • 4G started working this weekend, and I learned that 4g is much more responsive for the internet on my phone and via tethering, but makes my phone run like crap.
  • I learned that snow angels are still fun

  • I learned that a 12 year old can definitely set up and configure his own laptop, with a bit of guidance

  • I learned that some computers just don't want to work.  No matter what you do.
  • I learned that some snowblowers aren't absolute garbage and will actually move through a pile of snow as tall as they are to clear a driveway.

  • I learned that i have 81GB in my "Stuff from Desktop" folder on my computer at work, and 50GB in that folder on my laptop... probably time to clean that up a bit... (down to 67.45GB with a bit of sorting at work!)

  • And I learned that people probably want to see pictures wherever possible :)

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