A new beginning?

I've been really thinking about this whole blogging thing for awhile, and I've missed the creativity... and adherence to deadlines and all sorts of other things, and so I'm relaunching a blog.  This has been set up on Blogger for well over a year and I had one post (that I've deleted), so it seems ideal for the reinvention of Uberwald.  Those of you who read my blog in the past are in for something a little bit different, as I don't plan to post random sporadic craziness.  I plan to post regularly scheduled random craziness :)

As I mentioned in the previous post, somebody did a whole bunch of number crunching and discovered that 4pm was a great time to post things on blogs, but it also noted that posting multiple times per day was a good day to build and keep a good number of readers.  So that's what I'm going to do.  And because I'm not great at making up random stuff multiple times a day, I'm going to have two to three basic posts that I attempt to do daily (at least MTWR), and then anything else that I come up with outside of that:
  1. I will post "things that I've learned in the last 24 hours."  They say that you learn something new every day, so I figure it's worth trying to figure out what those things are, in an effort to prevent from learning them new again each time :)
  2. I will post a "link wrapup." I will go through my Google Reader shared items, write up a sentence or two about each, hopefully more about what I think of it than a summary, and post them together in one sort of digest post.  If you read my shared items feed, you'll have an excellent idea of what these posts will look like.
  3. I will post a "media wrapup."  This will be full of pictures I took on my camera phone, videos that I hastily threw together, comics that I sketched on napkins, jokes that occurred to me in the bathroom, etc.  Obviously not every day will have one of these posts, or everyone would get really annoyed with me for trying to photograph or video everything that I encounter, but I'd guess that these will appear at least once or twice a week... maybe even mostly on the off-days for the other types of posts.
So what do you think?  Does this seem doable?  Does it seem like something you'd read?  Is anyone still following the RSS from this? :)  

Also, as long as I'm getting a bunch of meta out of the way, I may as well mention that I'm not terribly happy with the current blog layout, though if you can expand your vertical window to 1600px or so, you'll see why I chose this background image.  I'll very likely be tweaking the hell out of all of this, so bear with me as it all changes.

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