Father/Son Bonding activity...

So Sparks is getting a new laptop for Christmas, and because a great deal of the cost of this laptop was paid by his saving up, he knows about it already.  His mother (my ex) and I chipped in with him so that he could get a real laptop w/ accidental damage coverage and a warranty that lasted beyond 90 days.  It's a great little system and it should last him at least through high school, which was the overall goal.

He learned that I had the laptop and was "getting it ready" for him, which mostly consisted of letting it sit in a drawer waiting for me to have time, and started giving me a hard time.  This opened up a wonderful opportunity to teach him what goes into setting up a new system, and so the two of us headed into my office to get some work done.

I guess I could go with a much more detailed post, and if anyone wants a ton of detail on how I set up a system for an individual user, I could do that later, but this is about spending the day w/ my son and teaching him a little something.

We wandered in, got his system set up and carried his mom's virus filled PC up as well.  Took a quick detour over to grab some food from the Atrium and we were back getting to work.  We still have a bit to do, mostly me installing stuff that I can use to keep an eye on his activity, but it was a great day together, just chilling Father and Son.

I threw together this slideshow using Picasaweb, just thought it was kind of cool... :)

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