Things I learned concept not working out for me...

So I really want to blog, even though I know I don't have much of an audience right now.  And I know that I probably talk to each of my readers on IM or the phone at least once a week, if not once a day, making this a particularly inefficient way of communicating.  But I have hopes that I'll find my voice and that this will be something that I want to do, even when I'm busy with other things.

I liked the idea of the "what I learned today" type of post, and in an environment of 3-4+ posts a day I might try it again... or maybe invite other people to post that sort of thing...  but it's not working for right now.  It feels forced, and the whole idea of posting at a specific time feels contrived.  Maybe once I have readers and things to say, I could make sure that something is posted then, but not the things I learned one.  And my link recap failed too -- just too much going on there.  I read too many feeds and there are other ways for you to be reading that, including the new sidebar feed for my shared items and the shared item RSS feed and, of course, by subscribing to my shared items in Google Reader.

I don't really have any hope of comments at this point, so I'm going to just share a list of things that I plan to try:

  • Original webcomics
  • Audio podcast of me trying to explain things that probably don't need to be explained
  • Video podcast of me demonstrating things that probably don't need to be demonstrated
  • Video podcast of me arguing with people from the internet
  • Discussion about how much I enjoy spending time on my bicycle
  • Discussion about what sort of effort I put into maintaining my bicycle
  • Other bicycle stuff
  • Explanations, possibly with screenshots, of how to do simple things on your Mac or Windows computer
  • Explanations, possibly with screenshots, of how to do difficult or pointless but cool things on your Mac or Windows computer
  • Absurd rants about technology, bicycles, politics, religion, books
  • Lame attempts at humor
That's a lot of stuff...  I should probably get started.


  1. Looking forward to the comics.

  2. Oooh, more Tom-art! I second the support of the comics.